Steward Reports

Instructions For Submitting Steward Reports Online 

To fill out online steward Report, go to  Click on Admin Login in upper right-hand corner of website 

Use your book number as your username 

Use the last 4 digits of your Social Security number as your password 

1. Select the report type by clicking the down arrow to choose from the options on the drop-down menu.  

2. Select from drop-down menu to fill in the Name/Description of Project 

    - if you select “other” fill in the box to the right with a description of project project 

3. Next, select Project Address/Location 

     - if you select “other” fill in the box below with a description of project project 

4. Fill in the City that the project took place in 

5. Select from the dropdown the county in which the project took place 

6. Select on the calendar the start date of the project.  Scroll through by month by clicking either the left or right arrows in the top corners and then select a date by clicking on the number 

7. Next, select the pay period starting and ending dates by selecting from the calendar. The ending date will be the day that you got paid.  The starting day will be the day after pay day. 

8. Select from the dropdown the company in which you are employed (The company that writes your paycheck) 

9. Select the General Contractor from the drop-down menu (The General Contractor may be the same as your employer) 

10. Fill in the duration of the job (ex. 8 hours, 5 days, etc.).  If you don’t know the exact duration, make an estimate. 

11. Select from the dropdown menu the percent of job completion. Once again, estimate if you don’t know 

12. Enter the total number of iron workers on the report 

13. Select 1st, 2nd, or 3rd shift from the drop-down menu 

14. Select what percent the Journeymen Wages on the project were paid at 

15. Enter contact phone number for the job site or number you can be reached at while on the job. 

16. Select type of job funding for the job by selecting the circle beside state, federal, or private. 

17. Under the Foreman section, enter in the Foreman’s first and last names.  To add additional fields to enter more names, click “Add Foreman” in the upper right corner 

18. Under the “Work Descriptions” Section, select the type of work from the dropdown.  After selecting the type of work, a second drop-down menu will appear.  Select additional description       details related to the job type.  description       details related to the job type.  

       To add additional types of work, click “add work description” in the upper right-hand corner and select other types of work from the new drop down menu 

19. Under the “Accidents” section, type into the box a detailed description of the accident and then click on the calendar to the right to select the date that the accident occurred.  To add additional accidents, click “add accident” in the upper right-hand corner 

20. Under the “Worker” section, fill in all details related to workers on the job and their number of hours for each category.  The number of Total Hours Paid and Total Hours Worked will automatically populate at the bottom of the form.  If you are entering a Traveler’s info the information may populate automatically or you may have to enter it by hand.  If the worker doesn’t know his book number enter all zero’s and enter the rest of the information by hand. 

21. Under “Job Site Photos” click browse to select a file from your computer and upload. This is optional 

22. Be sure to fill in name and contact information along with any additional notes/details before submitting the report. 

23. Click “Submit Report” once completed